This video demonstrated what the main video was as part of an exhibition at TZ Art, New York. The video inside the figure is a live feed from outside the gallery, while the background image is a video from Southern Germany. A live video feed masked the viewers in the gallery and projected them as a mask on to the video projection. their shape was filled with a live feed from a camera looking out the gallery window.

Test of of video on the Pixelated Fish on the side of the Malaysian Telecom building. It is a silent video.

This is part of a continuing series of works exploring digital compression and pixeilization. Compression and resolution are basis of the digital image just as grain is to the analog image. This series was inspired by the work of Stan Brakhage. It attempts to ask the same fundamental questions about the nature of the digital image that his animation does to the analog image. In this work the image is heavily pixelated, yet the rippling of the water is unaffected by the low res quality of the image.

This is another work in my ongoing series about digital compression. This work was shot in low res, enlarged and the saved in a very lossy compression. The flow of the water and the merging of the pixels complement each other. This work remind s me of Nam June Paik’s observation that broadcast television is like water in that they both constantly flow.

Part 1 of a trilogy about the impossibility of meaning.

part 2 of a trilogy

A view of of the lobby of MoMA in NY. This video is a presentation of differing times. The pillar divides the image with the left side and the right side moving at different speeds.

This work is about how man reconstructs the natural environment. The two elements are the vulture feeding area of a nature preserve in South Africa and the Bodensee (Lake Constance) on the German Swiss border. Both spots have been designed to fit a Western concept of what nature is supposed to look like. They are built to be pleasing to us aesthetically. These places are "natural" areas reconstructed for human use.

A video displaying high tide and low tide at the same time. The main image is high tide masking is the pilings as they are revealed during low tide.