Infinite Cinema

It is said that one should not study the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) until they have reached the age of 40. Infinite Cinema is an attempt to visually represent a peeling away- like an onion - of our understanding of reality until we reach a mystical reality. By doing this, we can reapply daily reality with a new sense of clarity. Thus the movies start with daily reality - a street scene - and from there goes to a Romantic imagined reality. The image of space represents the abstract Kabalistic reality, where a parallel is drawn between the macrocosm and the microcosm. These images are constantly transforming through the shape of the human body, as we are the instrument that formulates reality. As we know from quantum physics, just by observing we are affecting that which we observe.

Infinite Cinema is a 3 screen work in which each screen plays the same piece at different speeds. The left screen is at normal speed (3 minutes), the middle is at half speed (6 minutes) and the right screen is at quarter speed (12 minutes). The three images resonate with each other as they individually display culminating with a unified ending after 12 minutes. The works are meant to be played on adorning flat screen tv mounted on a wall, where they loop infinitely.