INvisible images

Invisible Images investigates the act of amateur photography. It presents the three basic arts of this act, the pose, capturing the image and the review of the image made. By focusing on the act of taking an amateur photograph instead of looking at the images created we get to see the nature of the interactions that create these images. We can see how amateur photography is a collaborative act between the photographer and the subject. We see how the pose and the camera are in a relationship that is more equal than normally explained. The focus is on photography as an act; the images resulting are of lesser importance. In the act we can see a specific relationship being played out, it is one where one person takes on responsibility for another through the creation of an image and that the image created exists as a form of mutual consent between both people. At its heart the act of photography as done by amateurs is an ethical creation, where sharing and consent is fundamental to the act. This series is a companion work to my book The Image That Doesn’t Want to be Seen.